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What is FAR?

At Wow Construction and Interior Company, we grasp the importance of Floor Area Ratio (FAR) in the realm of urban development. FAR is essentially a powerful calculation that determines the ratio of the total covered area on all floors to the area of the plot. To put it simply: FAR = (Total covered area of all floors x 100) / Plot Area. It's like a magic formula that guides the transformation of space into living and working areas.

Dwelling Units

In our world, Dwelling Units are not just places to live; they're the embodiment of independent living spaces. Each unit offers separate facilities for living, cooking (usually with one kitchen), and fulfilling sanitary needs. They are where dreams take shape and people find solace in their abodes.


Floor Area Ratio (FAR) can sometimes wear different names like Floor Space Ratio (FSR), Floor Space Index (FSI), Site Ratio, or Plot Ratio. In India, we often encounter both FAR and FSI, and it's crucial to understand the distinction – FAR is a ratio, while FSI is an index expressed as a percentage of a base figure. For instance, an FAR of 1.5 translates to an FSI of 150%.

How Does Defining a City's FAR Benefit Its Citizens?

Picture every city as a structure, with its own unique capacity. At Wow Construction and Interior Company, we know that exceeding this capacity can lead to various challenges. FAR becomes the guardian angel, defining the load-bearing capacity of a city, ensuring the well-being of its citizens. It factors in everything from resilience against natural disasters to urban density control. The government uses FAR to zone the land, limiting building occupancy and helping architects and construction experts design structures that harmonize with the city's essence. It's about creating spaces where life flourishes, and we are here to make that vision a reality.

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