WOW Construction and interior providing office interior solutions for the last 15 years, and we are presenting you the most recent office interior project delivered in Emaar the Plam Square, 8th-floor size approx 7000 Sq Feet, The office spaces are basically made according to construction and interior company by keeping this in mind we have provided them with quite a few cabins so that the customer doesn’t have to wait for long and each cabin have been designing differently from each other based on the quality and pricing of the material so that the customer would be able to touch and feel quite a few of the material sample so that they can have the idea of what kind of material is going to be used in their project, we also provide the work station are in the office for sitting approx 40 employes, 4 Manager Cabins, 2 Director Cabins. We have provided a waiting room that is at another location from reception so that the main area doesn’t look crowded, and apart from all this, we have given a small cafeteria for the sitting of 16 people in one go. Now, to sum up, we think we have covered the area for most of the use and the office turned out to be just luxurious.

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